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Forestry products and services need smart, long-lasting coverage.

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The wood products industry faces countless obstacles that can drive insurance premiums higher.

Our forestry and wood products insurance and resources are specialized to overcome crippling industry challenges. Driver turnover, increased wood regulations, higher cost of equipment and a limited work force are all factors that can cause your insurance premiums to catapult.

Diebold’s insurance agents can help guide and control long term cost. If our plans are executed, wood products companies are able to control expenses and continue to grow. Moreover, we have multiple insurance company options. Meaning, we can make sure you have a combination of coverage and price based on your business’ needs.

Specialized insurance coverage for:

Forestry Service Businesses

wood cutters insurance

Wood Cutting

logging insurance


timber transportation insurance

Timber Transportation

Forestry Estimating

Wood Products Businesses

Lumber & Plywood

Wood Flooring & Tiling

roofing contractors insurance

Wood Shingles

logging insurance


equine farm insurance

Wood Fencing

laminated veneer

Laminated Veneer

wood chips and sawdust

Wood Chips & Sawdust

chip board

Chip Board

Coverage We Offer

Insurance products for forestry:

Risk Management Resources

Equipment Management

Our team spends time diving into your losses and provides thorough analysis to help make sure history does not repeat itself.

Corrective Action Programs

Corrective actions programs are crucial to helping save costs long term. Corrective action shows insurance carriers and DOT officers the importance of addressing violations, claims, and near misses.

Defensive Driving Programs

Defensive driving programs are essential to helping drivers navigate the different terrains, weather conditions, and other vehicles on the road. Our agency can help provide all the training materials needed to successfully implement.

CSA Score Management

Our specialists have proven results in helping insureds manage their CSA scores. Managing CSA scores makes day to day activities run smoother and make your risk more attractive to the insurance marketplace.

Employee Handbooks

We have the ability to help you build an employee handbook with updated rules and regulations that is catered to your particular business.

OSHA Regulations

OSHA Regulations involve many compliance programs. Hazard Communication, Bloodborne Pathogens, Personal Protective Equipment, and Lockout/Tagout are just a few of the included programs. Let us assist you in staying up-to-date.

Loss Review

Our team spends time diving into your losses and provides thorough analysis to help make sure history does not repeat itself.

Return to Work Program

Return to Work Programs aid your business in controlling cost, financial impact of workplace injuries, cost containment, and getting your employees back to work quicker.

Claims Management

In the event your business does experience a loss, we will be there every step of the way to help manage that claim. Our relationships with our partner carriers allow us to get things done quickly and efficiently in order to make your business whole.

Disaster Recovery Plan

In the aftermath of a disaster, you and your business will have a number of concerns to account for as you prepare to reopen. Having a solid plan in place will minimize the impact of the unexpected and speed up the recovery.

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