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Insurance to help protect your farm business from many types of adversity.

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When it comes to Farm Insurance in Michigan, one size does not fit all.

 You need the right mix of coverage to help protect every risk in your farming business. Diebold’s Farm Insurance Program has experience in providing insurance and risk management to Dairy, Beef, Equine, and hobby farms.  What’s more, our programs can fit your farm whether it’s large, medium, or small.

Specialized insurance coverage for:

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Dairy Farms

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Beef Farms

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Equine Farms

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Hobby Farms

We understand that your farm is your livelihood, and oftentimes, your home.

That’s why, when you call Diebold, we strive to be thorough in making sure our coverage matches your described needs. We have over 30 years of experience working with farms like yours. Here, your insurance agent will be a farm professional who not only has experience working on farms, but also has specialized training in farm risk management. 

Does your policy properly cover you for pollution? 

Surprisingly, most farm policies do not. At Diebold, you can count on pollution coverage being an option for your farm.

Do you have a disaster recovery plan? 

If not, a Disaster Recovery Plan is just one of the many things we can help you create in our Farm Insurance program.  In Michigan, it can be really tough being a farmer – especially in the dairy industry. Let us take some of the burden off your shoulders.  

Coverage We Offer

Risk Management Resources

Employee Safety Plan

Employees help drive the farm and are the most critical resource. Farmers need to be firmly committed to the safety of their employees.

Above or Below Ground Storage Tanks

Underground tanks storing gasoline, diesel fuel or heating oil can leak. With the proper preventative steps taken, this liability can be avoided.

Environmentally Certificated Assistance

Proactive program that aids farmers in preventing and minimizing agricultural pollution risks.

Environmental and Regulatory Liabilities

There are several potential environmental and regulatory liabilities at farms. These liabilities are the most costly and can be prevented.

Manure Pit Safety

Manure Pits present extreme safety hazards for agricultural workers. Unfortunately, toxic gas levels in confined spaces claim lives every year.

Farm Emergency Preparedness Plan

Protecting your farm involves a number of considerations: family, employees, buildings, equipment, and live stock. Fortunately, planning ahead can help minimize the impact and speed the recovery.

Employee Handbooks

We have the ability to help you build an employee handbook with updated rules and regulations that is catered to your particular business.

OSHA Regulations

OSHA Regulations involve many compliance programs. Hazard Communication, Bloodborne Pathogens, Personal Protective Equipment, and Lockout/Tagout are just a few of the included programs. Let us assist you in staying up-to-date.

Loss Review

Our team spends time diving into your losses and provides thorough analysis to help make sure history does not repeat itself.

Return to Work Program

Return to Work Programs aid your business in controlling cost, financial impact of workplace injuries, cost containment, and getting your employees back to work quicker.

Claims Management

In the event your business does experience a loss, we will be there every step of the way to help manage that claim. Our relationships with our partner carriers allow us to get things done quickly and efficiently in order to make your business whole.

Disaster Recovery Plan

In the aftermath of a disaster, you and your business will have a number of concerns to account for as you prepare to reopen. Having a solid plan in place will minimize the impact of the unexpected and speed up the recovery.

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