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Let's help you make sure your business is protected - even when you're on the road.

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Every road trip is a risk.

With commercial auto insurance, the risk your business is taking by sending someone out on the wide open road could be reduced with insurance.

From delivery and service vans, to work trucks and farm truck-tractors, you rely on your vehicles to keep your operations running smoothly. Not only that, but you rely on your employees hitting their destination on time, and safely. While you do all you can to ensure these things happen, unexpected and uncontrollable events always happen. Namely, intense weather events, poor road conditions, or other drivers.

Without commercial auto insurance, these factors can quickly turn a routine trip into a journey that changes the course of your business.


The annual accident rate for commercial fleets is around 20%. Fleet vehicle accidents are among the most expensive injury claims for business: The average cost of a loss related to fleet vehicle accidents is approximately $70,000, which is almost twice the cost of the average workplace injury.

Coverage that works for you.

Diebold agents are experienced with securing commercial auto and fleet insurance for:

  • Long and short haul transportation
  • Contractors and delivery services
  • Hired and non-owned exposures

Even better, we work with you to create a commercial auto insurance policy that offers the right amount of coverage for:

  • Bodily Injury
  • Property Damage
  • Uninsured/Underinsured Motorists
  • Physical Damage caused by fire, hail and other risks.

Finally, we offer the service and auto insurance discounts you expect and deserve.

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